Goldie Sommer: A Trusted Real Estate Attorney for Foreclosure and Short Sales

Real estate tends to appreciate over time, potentially delivering very high returns in the long run. At the same time, people planning to buy, sell, or refinance properties find real estate laws confusing and challenging. And for the same, a professional and experienced attorney will make a significant difference to avoid any pitfalls or complications.

As a part of a reliable alternative, Goldie Sommer, an attorney in NJ, is a licensed property attorney and real estate agent. With years of experience, the same can handle all parts of real estate transactions from start to closing with compassion. If you plan to invest in residential or commercial property, find mortgages more challenging to pay, or find it tough to finance a property. Our office will work with you on these issues to help you reach a beneficial solution. Keep on reading.

Sommer Law
Sommer Law

Goldie Sommer Attorney in NJ – Your Trusted Real Estate Legal Services

Buying a property is more than just making a precious investment; when it comes to foreclosure, you must need Goldie Sommer, a professional real estate attorney. We possess the best expertise in stopping a foreclosure and short sale.

At the same time, when it comes to stopping a foreclosure, our best real estate law makes us your best partner during your challenging phase. On the other hand, in case of a short sale, we diligently work with you and your financial institution, ensuring that the entire process unfolds with utmost ease and minimal discomfort.

What Makes Goldie Sommer’s Law Firm Reliable?

At Goldie Sommer’s Law Firm, we prioritize our clients facing financial hardship, offering comprehensive support throughout the short sale process, from listing to closing. As licensed attorneys, we can pursue emergency relief in court when required, providing additional reassurance to our clients. We also navigate the court system on your behalf when necessary and secure bank waivers for any unpaid mortgage balance deficiencies, ensuring a seamless and dependable resolution.

Meet Goldie Sommer, Your Trusted Real Estate Attorney

As a seasoned and licensed real estate attorney, I empathize with my clients’ challenges during financial hardships. My primary objective is to instill confidence in every step of this journey. Rest assured, I’ll stand by your side until your short sale is approved, ensuring you can embark on a fresh start with renewed optimism. Your financial well-being is my priority.

Contact Goldie Sommer to Stop Foreclosure

A home is more than just a physical structure where you make memories that will last your life. But the situation worsens when you cannot pay your mortgage and default on your loan. There is no need to stress if you are in such a situation, as Goldie Sommer

is here to help you. The foreclosure process starts with written notifications and then proceeds to a formal notice of the intent to foreclose. Finally, it concludes with a Sheriff’s sale, during which your home is sold to the highest bidder or reclaimed by the lender.

What Are We Best For?

The Goldie Sommer’s Law Firm is best for both experienced and new property owners in the real estate world. As a professional real estate attorney, my years of experience and knowledge make me competent to handle all property issues. Foreclosures, short sales, refinancing, real estate contracts, current title issues. To learn more, refer to Goldie Sommer today. Schedule your consultation to evaluate your situation, call: 973-276-6111.