From Real Estate Closings to Community Caring: Meet Ms. Goldie Sommer

Have you ever had an experience interacting with an attorney in New Jersey? If yes, then you might know-how
professional and reserved these individuals are, working within the set patterns of their legal service.
Well, it isn’t their fault. Given the enormous legal complexities, competitive market, and customer
expectations, keeping emotional ties with every case is challenging.
However, amid this scenario, one name that stands out is Ms. Goldie Sommer. From real estate
in addition to community care, she is among the highly renowned attorneys with exceptional expertise
in foreclosures, short sales, and refinancing. She is famous for going the extra mile for clients and
providing excellent service that surpasses all expectations.
This blog will beautifully shed light on some of the unique attributes that make her one of the best real
estate attorneys in the region. So, let us get started.

A Name Synonymous With Short Sale:

Well, what if we say that Ms. Goldie Sommer isn’t just an attorney; she is herself a brand synonymous
with short sales? It would not be hyperbole, given her esteemed stature. Her knowledge and
expertise surpass that of typical attorneys who follow traditional approaches, as evidenced by her article,
”The Secret of the Short Sale” was published in the esteemed Banker and Lender Liability Journal.
But that’s not all. Ms. Sommer was later highlighted in The Star-Ledger as a respectable N.J. real estate
lawyer adept at handling short sales. A cherry on top of her rich profile, she has been
quoted not just once but twice in the respected New York Times in articles about short sales.

A Profound Experience of Thirty-Five Years:

When hiring an attorney, what’s the one thing that instills confidence in the customer’s mind? Well, it’s
the experience. A feeling that the case is in the hands of a seasoned person well acquainted with every
minuscule aspect of the law. With a wealth of experience spanning over 35 years and an impressive
track record of over 10,000 successful real estate closings, Ms. Goldie Sommer has witnessed the
different eras of real estate closings.
She has her first experience with changing scenarios in the market and has been at the forefront. So,
When you hire her for any real estate matter, rest assured that you will get the best legal expertise.

Going Extra Miles for Her Clients:

She is among those few attorneys who do not just look at cases from a legal perspective but also from
empathy and compassion. She knows how much hardship and economic misery a family or an individual
faces during foreclosure. Thus, she never fails to go the extra mile to provide exceptional service and
make foreclosure a less distressing process for the clients.

Love, Care, and Compassion for the Community:

From real estate closings to community care, Ms. Sommer is known for contributing to the
community. Perhaps that’s something that gives her the inspiration to go out of her way for her clients.
Beyond her fantastic professional accomplishments, Ms. Sommer dedicates herself to philanthropy,
generously contributing to the community through her volunteer work at N.J. Cares. Among her kind
endeavors, she selflessly volunteers at Hunger Helpers, energetically participating in measures to feed
the homeless and underprivileged in Newark.


Ms. Goldie Sommer stands as a shining example of a real estate attorney who goes beyond the norm with expertise that goes beyond her years of experience, she has earned a reputation as a brand synonymous with short sales. Her 35-year journey in the industry has equipped her with invaluable insights and an impressive track record.

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